Differently Able People’s Collective (DAPC)
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The DAPC desk reaches out to the differently able people of the surroundings with the support of the LF programme of the Catholic Hospital Association of India (CHAI). Most needy children are registered and their medical and educational needs are addressed. Mobility India from Bangalore periodically provided callipers, prosthetic and other aids. Earlier a physiotherapist used to be available at the centre to provide physio-therapy. Now the trained personnel from the centre visit the homes of the children to provide physiotherapy under the guidance of experts in Hyderabad using a special App on their tablet.
Children Desk / ECH
Sl No State No of Constituencies/Districts No of Schools No of Mandals Participants  No of Schools Participants
1 Andhra Pradesh 25 25 25 500 600 100 23 600 500 300
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